Our Process

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Our Process.


We believe if you are ready to hire, that’s a commitment. We first explore your commitment and see if we are the right fit to help out in your quest to attract talent based on our expertise, resources, and your preferred recruitment methods. If our expertise and your preferences align, we take responsibility for the roles we can be immediately effective on.

Search and Introduce

Our search kicks off once we’ve identified what sort of companies, education backgrounds, and experience your position requires. We strive for personalized outreach to candidates after a solid review of their profile to ensure your team is represented professionally to the market. 

Our intake is lengthy, we screen the candidate in depth about their reason for leaving, current situation, and needs to accept an offer. Each profile is reviewed by two member of our team before we make an introduction. Our goal is the lowest submittal:placement ratio in the industry.

Carry and Close

Each partnership is different, and our involvement during the process depends on the bandwidth/structure of the internal recruiting team at our partner site. For any candidate, we determine who the main point of contact will be and ensure that all interviews and tech assessments are scheduled and carried out promptly.

At the end, we help guide candidates through their offer and ensure an understanding between both parties as to the “why” behind the numbers and stipulations in the offer.