About Us

Fynd Talent got moving in February 2018 with the sole purpose of revitalizing the recruitment industry.

As Agency Recruiters, we live on social networking sites. Daily, we see the lives we are committed to changing shun the recruitment profession. We left the agency world to flip the stigma by being true to our strengths and honest from the get-go. No more square pegs in a round hole to hit a metric. We put our recruiters first, and they put their clients & candidates first.

How we do it? We play to our individual strengths and work as a unit throughout the recruitment process. As a small boutique recruitment firm, everyone we encounter receives white glove service. After all, we are dealing with more than a job description more than a profile. We are bringing back the human aspect to recruitment one conversation at a time.


“Form Follows Function”

Harrison witzke  |  Co-Founder




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